A fool hath said in his heart, 'God is not;' They have done corruptly, They have done abominable actions, There is not a doer of good. - Psalm 14:1

15 June 2009

World Wide Blog Graveyard

Choosing the name of a new blog isn't really a fun process. It's vitally important, but in a way sad, and if you recognize the implications, also very sobering. Just pick a name, plug it into Google with "blog" after it, and find yourself looking at the world wide blog graveyard. Long ignored (which in Blogland is the same as dead) blogs escaping to the edges of imagination whose most recent post averages 2 - 3 years old. So many people with things to say; so quickly ended in the rush of life and the exponential evolution of the Internet.

Which doesn't stop people from trying. On an absolute level I embrace the Web. I haven't mailed something through the USPS in a very long time, I don't visit a bank unless forced, and I am still somewhat aggravated I need to shop for groceries at a physical store. More social aspects I boycott. I don't Myspace and I won't Facebook even under penalty of death (I have my dignity, if nothing else). While I may have plenty to say, until now I've been content saying it on message boards or commenting on other blogs.

Unfortunately my favored politics-themed message board has jumped the digital shark, which brings me here. Still with much to say, but lacking the masochistic desire to "debate" with those who think adding pejoratives to the end of another person's name is a paragon of witty retort, I've broken down and opened a blog. Perhaps destined for that same graveyard, or with a little luck perhaps not, but somewhere to share my thoughts regardless.

So there it is. Get some coffee (it's never too early or too late for coffee) and let's begin.

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